Explosion Proof Aerial Lifts

Bailey Develops Next Generation Explosion-Proof Aerial Work Platforms

EXAs developers of the original EX Series Explosion-Proof lifts back in 2002, many things have changed including ANSI Standards and better Intrinsically Safe Technology. The original EX technology was developed under Man Lift Engineering, Bailey’s first company which was sold in 2010. Every major aircraft manufacturer in North America utilized these lifts as well as many ship and general industrial painting operations.

While the original technology served its purpose, advances in EX technology have made earlier systems obsolete.  Complicated hydraulic systems resulted in extensive use of hydraulic hoses which caused many leak points and a maintenance nightmare. Better motor switching technology results in longer life and reduced maintenance.

The original ANSI standard in 2002 was A92.5 and A92.6.  Currently the ANSI standard is A92.20. The most significant change is platform load sensing.  The ability to sense the load in the platform and stop functions for safety. Our new systems incorporate this load sensing technology compliant with EX explosion-proof standards.

Why Bailey?

Not just experts on EX technology, Bailey has a long history of building custom Aerial Work Platforms for a variety of industries. The backbone of our expertise is extensive Standards involvement including past committee members on the following:

  • ANSI A92.5 Boom Supported Elevating Work Platform
  • ANSI A92.6 Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platforms
  • NFPA 505 Fire Safety Standards (Explosion-proof) for Industrial Trucks
  • UL 583 Safety Standards - Battery Powered Industrial Trucks
  • UL 588 Safety Standards - Internal Combusion Engine Industrial Trucks

When building or modifying Aerial Work Platforms there are strict, well defined safety requirements that can not be overlooked including stability analysis, stress analysis and control system functional safety. Bailey is expert on all of these. Others in the industry appear to have experience in EX technology but not Aerial Work Platform experts. Do their modifications affect machine stability? Do their control system modifications meet the ANSI requirements? Raising personnel 80 feet in the air has significantly more Safety Risk as compared to modification of a forklift. The Safety Risk is great. Another competitor was recently sold to a fabrication house thinking that building off a set of drawings is good enough. Not having extensive EX experience is a Safety Risk.
The Engineers at Bailey have been involved in the development of the following products:

  • Clean Room lifts at Cape Canaveral preparing satellites for launch up to 135’ sold to United Launch Alliance.
  • Aircraft painting EX lifts sold to Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Bombardier and Gulfstream.
  • Specialized lifts building aircraft for Boeing and Spirit Aerospace.
  • Rocket Launch Platform, Up Aerospace – The first commercial launch company located at Spaceport America.

EX Explosion Proof Booms 

EX Articulating Booms:

Model Working Height Lift CapacitySpecifications
A30JEX 36 ft [10.97 m] 350 lbs [160 kg] View
A45JEX 51 ft [15.5 m] 350 lbs [160 kg] View
A60EX 66 ft [20.11 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View
A60JEX 66 ft [20.11 m] 350 lbs [160 kg] View
A80EX 86 ft [26.21 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View

EX Telescopic Booms:

Model Working Height Lift CapacitySpecifications
T40EX 46 ft 4 in [14.12 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] TBA
T46JEX 52 ft [15.85 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View
T60EX 66 ft 5 in [20.26 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] TBA
T66JEX 72 ft [21.94 m] 350 lbs [160 kg] TBA
T80EX 86 ft [26.21 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] TBA

EX Vertical Booms:

Model Working Height Lift Capacity Specifications
MVL15EX 20 ft [6.1 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View
MVL20EX 25 ftn [7.62 m] 350 lbs [160 kg] View

EX Explosion Proof Scissors 

EX Scissors:

Model Working Height Lift CapacitySpecifications
1532EX 21 ft [6.4 m] 600 lbs [272 kg] View
1932EX 25 ft [7.6 m] 550 lbs [250 kg] View
2032EX 26 ft [7.9 m] 900 lbs [408.3 kg] View
2046EX 26 ft [7.9 m] 1,300 lbs [591 kg] View
2632EX 32 ft [9.8 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View
2646EX 32 ft [9.75 m] 1,000 lbs [454 kg] View
2668EX 32 ft [9.8 m] 1,200 lbs [545 kg] View
3188EX 37 ft [11.3 m] 2,000 lbs [909 kg] View
3246EX 38 ft [11.6 m] 700 lbs [318 kg] View
4188EX 47 ft [14.3 m] 2,000 lbs [909 kg] View
5092EX 56 ft [17.1 m] 2,000 lbs [909 kg] View

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