- Class I, Division 1, Group D
Rent The 2032EX Scissor Lift
- Pick and Carry - Drive when Loaded
Rent The 2032EX Scissor Lift
Made In America
- Rigid Boom Design Breeds Confidence
Rent The 2032EX Scissor Lift
High Capacity
- MEGA-Basket Up To 6 People (2000# Capacity)
Rent The 2032EX Scissor Lift
"True Innovation"
- Development of Advanced Safety Systems
Rent The 2032EX Scissor Lift
- Custom Movement up to 100,000 Lbs
Rent The 2032EX Scissor Lift
Rent The 2032EX Scissor Lift

Disability-Owned Business

We're Proud to Announce our Most Recent Product...

Brandon Mini Crane

Brandon Mini Crane Flipped Up

Introducing The Flipper

The Flipper is unique because it can place a glass panel on a table making it easy to work on or it can flip the glass making it easy to work on the underside.  The Flipper does all this with only 45 inches between the glass and the floor.  This makes it easy to work on both sides of the glass, inspect the glass or work on the frame at a comfortable height.

The Flipper, also includes side-shift, to place the work Upiece in those tight-fitting applications, and precise boom movement, proportional drive, and long battery life you have come to expect.

View Model & Specs   Brochure   Video

Ground Scanning System on The Brandon 6 Mini Crane

New Bailey Safety Feature: Ground Scanning

Bailey designed a new ground scanning safety feature to detect crane drive-off on multi-story construction sites. This ground scanning system will detect changes in the surface elevation and it will stop the crane operation before an accident occurs. The safety system has an optional audible voice warning message to clearly distinguish it from other warnings and also an event logger that captures the occurrence for review and discussion with the operator.

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More New Products

The Brandon 2000  Glass Lifter

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Cantilever Glass Lifter

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2863 Glass Handler Lifter

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Innovating Versatile Mini Cranes

We focus on Niche Industries with Emphasis on working closely with the customer to improve their Productivity and Safety.

We're not the only ones excited about our products!

... see what our customers have to say

What our Clients Say!

The Brandon Robotic Lift, from Bailey Cranes, was essential for us to perform our work when confronting  projects with unique issues and challenges.  We used the Brandon lift to remove and re-install, large, heavy laminated glass panels in an elevated canopy, in a safe and timely manner (see GMIA photo).  After Bailey made a custom grabber to fit our curtain wall mullions, the steel-loaded, pitched curtain wall mullions were set in place from inside of the building utilizing the Brandon lift (see JV photo).  Using the Brandon lift made a difficult install into a relative easy and safe installation.

Corcoran GlassMichael L. Huenink | Vice President - Corcoran Glass, LLC

What our Clients Say!

We love the Brandon! It saves our backs, saves time, we definitely recommend The Brandon. (see photo)

Gary | Lurie Glass

What our Clients Say!

The first time this job took us 9 hours. This time around using your Brandon crane it took us 5 minutes to get one bulkhead in. It did basically the whole job in an hours time. The Brandon made the job 100 times easier and 100 times safer.

Corcoran GlassRich | Veolia

What our Clients Say!

Using the Brandon makes doing the job safer and speeds up the process. We couldn't have completed the job on time without the Brandon.

Secure Windows & DoorsMartin Lipton | President - Secure Windows & Doors