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Pedestal Mounted Man Lifts

Pedestal Mounted Boom Lift

We work with all the major Aerial Work Platform manufacturers and can provide swing bearing up assemblies or design and build a custom boom assembly. Our team of Professional Engineers haved designed and assembled over 10 custom installations with outstanding results.

Power systems can include AC, DC, Combustion Engine or Air.

Foundation Engineering support is provided with floor loads and moments, load concentrations as well as bolt load and sizing.

All systems are designed compliant with current ANSI, OSHA and local building codes.

Pedestal Mount Manlifts

Pedestal mount manlifts can be bolted to floors or other structures and provide dedicated access to work locations. These can be AC or DC powered and are typically custom designed to meet the exact customer specifications. Our team of Professional Engineers can provide information on foundation requirements if needed along with detail loads and moments.

PM25 Pedestal Mounted Boom Lift


The PM25 is an all purpose compact boom design. Typical aplication are Assembly Cells, Radar Domes, Painting and Sesitive or Hazardous enviornments. It speeds up production and minimizes risks by replacing scafolding and extension ladders. Compact Stowed Foot Print 3 Foot x 12 Feet x 6 Feet.

Main Features Include:

  • 25 Foot Platform Height
  • 25 Foot Platform Height
  • 31 Foot working height
  • 21 Foot Side Reach
  • 500 Pound Platform Capacity
  • 36 x 60" Platform
  • 1.5 Hp Standard Power
  • 230/480 3 Phase Power Standard
  • 100/115/230/240 50/60 Hz Single Phase Optional


  • Hazardous Enviornament Class 1 Div II Group D
  • Bump System
  • Many others option to meet your specific aplication.

PM48 Pedestal Mounted Boom Lift


The PM48 was developed for installation and later maintenance of a large fabric radar dome cover.  The PM48 is mounted inside the radar-dome and can reach all parts of the cover for maintenance and repair.  This is vital for maintaining the environment necessary for the sophisticated electronics.

The PM48 is a pedestal mounted 3-section telescopic boom lift with 90° of vertical elevation.  The lift is mounted to back of the radar dish that rotates 360° horizontally and 90° vertically.  Power is provided by AC 3-phase current with a DC battery backup system.

Main Features Include:

  • 48’ of  Horizontal Reach
  • 47’ of Vertical Height
  • 500# Platform Capacity
  • Platform Perimeter Bump Protection Optional
  • 110 VAC Power to Platform
  • 7.8 kW, 208/230/460 3-Phase Power System
  • Power Outage Battery Backup / Automatic Recovery
  • Pedestal mounting and aerial lit engineered to rotate 90° in vertical plan

PB50 Pedestal Mounted Boom Lift


The PB50 is designed for aircraft paint booth applications.

Main Features Include:

  • Pedestal Mounted (Bolted to the floor)
  • Remote Mounted 460 VAC Power Unit for ease of service (External to Paint Booth)
  • Quiet Operation
  • Proportional Hydraulic Controls
  • Platform Bump Protection to protect aircraft being painted
  • 50’ of Horizontal Reach
  • 50’ Platform Height
  • 26’ Retracted Length
  • 36” x 60” Platform
  • 150° Platform Rotation
  • 500# Platform Capacity
  • Class I Division I Group D Explosion Proof Hazardous Environment Compliant
  • Shop Tool Air Supply Line to Platform
  • Personnel Breathing Air Supply Line to Platform

PM55 Pedestal Mounted Boom Lift


The PM55 was developed for maintenance of aircraft in an aircraft hanger.  Two PM55 Aerial Lifts are mounted on staging to allow convent access to both sides of the aircraft exterior...

The PM55 is a pedestal mounted 2-section telescopic boom lift with -25° to +70° vertical elevation.  Power is provided by AAC 3-phase current.

Main Features Include:

  • 37’ of Horizontal Reach
  • 55’ of Vertical Reach
  • 600# Platform Capacity
  • Platform Perimeter Bump Protection Optional
  • 110 VAC Power to Platform
  • 6.0 kW, 208/230/460 3-Phase Power System

PM54 Pedestal Mounted Boom Lift


The PM54 was developed for an aircraft manufacturer and was used at 3 locations in the manufacturing plant. A key feature was the boom needed to translate straight up and down, not the typical pivot up and down.

Main Features Include:

  • 54' of Horizontal Reach
  • 25' Feet of Vertical Movement
  • 8'  Telescoping Jib for Rotating Side to Side
  • 800# Platform Capacity
  • Class II Dust Explosion Proof Hazardous Enviroment
  • 110V/220V Power to Platform
  • Hot Water/Shop Air/Breathing Air to Platform
  • 800 Watt Lights at Platform
  • Removable Rails With HySafe Fall Protection
  • 480V Power System
  • Power Outage Battery Backup/Self Recovery
  • Profibus Network Interface
  • Foundation Engineered Pedestal Mount