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Delivery  A45JEXs

(2) EX Lifts Headed to the Premier Weapon Systems Readiness Center

AE45JEX Boom Lifts | Factory Mutual Certifications


EX Bailey Scissor Lifts

The New Explosion Proof Lift Technology

NFPA/NEC 70 Electrical Requirement changes

NFPA/NEC 70 Electrical Requirement changes Our latest certifications include the new requirements of special shielded cabling.

Competitors Design: Still using SOOW rubber shielded cables which are “Non-Approved” by the latest changes. If an incident occurs, everyone is liable from noncompliance.

Enhanced Motor Management System

Enhanced Motor Management System Provides improved control of motor operation. Motor contactors are controlled with a more stable signal resulting in improved life and better machine operation.

Competitors Design: Contactors powered by 24V battery pull-off resulting in uneven battery charge condition and contactor flutter at low battery conditions.

Anti-spark wheel covers

Factory Mutual Certification now requires Anti-spark wheel covers. Our products include these new requirements.

Competitors Design: Does not provide and is not compliant with the latest FM requirements.

The control system circuit breakers

The control system includes circuit breakers in place of glass fuses. The circuit breakers can be easily reset if a problem occurs.

Competitors Design:: Competitors design uses glass fuses that require replacement.

Easy Access to the Control System

Control system accessible in 5 minutes for ease of service.

Competitors Design: Competitive product requires crane for removal of canister and disassembly on bench.

Battery can be quickly removed.

Battery can be quickly removed with forklift for continued multi shift operations.

Platform Battery
Condition Indicator

Competitors Design: Battery Condition Indicator located at ground only, away from operator. What would happen if machine stopped in the middle of a painting operation?

Factory Mutual Certifications
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Collision Avoidance Systems

Collision Avoidance Systems

Baileys Cranes Glass Lifters

Bailey’s Glass Lifters

Broderson IC200 Conversion To Hybrid Electric

Broderson IC200 Conversion To Hybrid Electric

3,600 lbs Capacity Scissor Lifter

OMNI Direction Steer Scissor

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Brandon 6E with full compatibility for all attachments
Brandon 6 or 6E with full compatibility for all attachments
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