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Sales Team ...

Rick Bigbee

Rick Bigbee

Vice President Sales

Phone: 603-601-6127

Email: rickb@baileycranes.com

John Ferrier

John Ferrier

Industrial Markets

Phone: 262-744-6003

Email: john@baileycranes.com

Jack Garczynski

Jack Garczynski

Aircraft / Aerospace

Phone: 262-744-5859

Email: jack@baileycranes.com

Parts & Service Support

My name is Eric Niemi, and I am the Customer Service Manager at Bailey Specialty Cranes & Aerials. You have purchased the best lifting equipment available, and I am here to help you maintain it and ensure minimum down time for maximum performance.

We leverage our engineering capabilities to provide expert service.

If you need parts or service for your Bailey products, give me a call, text, or send me an email.

Email: eric@baileycranes.com
Phone: 262-710-4028 x-2405

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